Jacqueline Williams

Let's begin by taking one last look at FY 2016-17, before we move ahead with our planning for next fiscal year. Once again FSP touched the lives of many of our local neighbors struggling to put food ,find work or housing on the table, attain or maintain sobriety, find work or housing or both. The information listed below does not represent all we do, but it does convey the breadth of what we do and how many we serve during the year.


• Ukiah Recovery Center served 308 individuals, providing residential treatment, detoxification services and sober- living accommodations.


• Unity Village Emergency Shelter served 116 people.


• The Food Bank served 7,170 households, with our average household size being 2 persons.

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139 Ford Street, Ukiah, CA 95482
Phone: 707.462.1934 
Fax: 707.468.9860
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